My name is Le Roux Bodenstein. I live in Cape Town.

I founded thisarmy with @alanalston. We make tank and ammo.

You should can follow me on twitter here. (If you like.)


Generate percentage-based CSS for nested fluid grids.

Still just an experiment. Maybe for an ammo admin interface refresh, maybe a next-generation theme, maybe an entire new app? Who knows?


Batch add, edit, delete and sort tables of stuff.

Used for configuring notification lists and flat-rate shipping in ammo.


Pure JavaScript one-file-theme-oriented and setting-aware templating engine that actually works.

Gets used server-side via node.js on ammo and client-side in designmode to render the entire theme in realtime.


Next-generation jQuery-based slideshows.

For ammo's configurable slideshows.


Drag and drop upload, sort and group images.

Used for Page, Product and Range image management in ammo.


JavaScript-based handholding for the html5 placeholder attribute.

Used all over the place in ammo.


See if a domain is set up to point to an app.

Ammo uses this to see if a domain is configured correctly. Uses some heuristics to distinguish between root domains and subdomains and is A record and CNAME aware. Throws errors, gives warnings and hands out little reports.